Why You Should Choose «DINEX PRODUCTION»?

Firstly, we guarantee the quality of products. Our Company uses high-quality materials, made in Germany, South Korea and Russia in the production of advertising constructions. 

Secondly, our team includes only highly qualified specialists: professional engineers, builders, installers, and electricians. Thanks to them, all your ideas will be implemented as precisely as possible.

Thirdly, we have our own production base. Because of this, we are committed to the quality of our products 100%, because it depends only on us. The production base of «DINEX PRODUCTION» is fitted with the most modern equipment what allows to work with any materials - from glass to metal, and thus not to restrict the creative process when developing the project. 

Fourthly, for the past ten years, we have earned a good reputation with our customers. Since 2004, we have been actively working with foreign companies from Russia, Ukraine, Israel and the United States of America. 

And fifthly, in the production of advertising constructions, we pay great attention not only to the quality, but also to time. Turning to us, you get a stylish, modern design effectively affecting on the target audience with a full implementation of the project as soon as practicable and at a more favorable price.